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 Meeting A Queen (Lucy)
 Posted: Apr 25 2015, 10:36 PM
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Arion/Samson/Felipe Castillo
(ooc: naming hyenas 1, 2, and 3 since i can't think of names. up to you if lucy gets the hyena or not.)

Samson smiled at her.

"I know you will. I don't mean to be cross with you. Humans have hunted, harmed, and killed us in the past. So I've always hated and mistrust them. But you and your siblings do come from another world. And you did not only defeat the White Witch but made peace in narnia for humans and animals. The stories of your friendship with the beavers, Mr. Tumnus, and others are still passed down. As a kid I wanted to believe them. Believe you'd return and save us from the humans here. But when you didn't come I viewed them as fairy tales and chose to follow Aslan. And now you're finally here and part of me wants to hate you for taking so long But I can't. Because you're here now and helping us." said Arion.

He wasn't sure why he was getting so emotional and turned away trying to not cry. His attention focused on the hyenas as he kicked at them with his legs trying to keep them distracted. He froze as Lucy ran forward as he was distracted as one of them bit into his back as Arion yelped in surprise. He was sure they'd torn off some flesh as he saw the middle hyena lick their lips as if they enjoyed the taste.

"Horse meat. Not bad. Haven't had horse in awhile." said hyena # 1.

Arion shuddered at that not wanting to end up as their meal but he wasn't going to let them hurt Lucy.

"You want a meal then take me. But leave her alone! She's Queen Lucy one of the old queens of the Golden Age of Narnia. You harm her you'll have all of Narnia after you. Especially Aslan." said Arion.

"We don't care about some old fairy tales. Scar's the only lion around here we listen to." said hyena # 2.

He saw one of them charging at Lucy trying to bite her. Arion kicked the other two away trying to stop the hyena from hurting the queen but the other two were faster and tackled him biting his legs and knocking him over. Arion groaned trying to get them off but his legs were his only way to defend himself. He paused turning to Lucy.

"Run Lucy! Get away while you still can!" said Arion.

He was hurt, bleeding on his back and his legs as he tried to stand.

"You can't even protect yourself. How are you going to protect her?" said hyena # 3.

The hyenas cackled while Arion stumbled backwards trying to reach Lucy and get away from the hyenas.

© kristen

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I'm Baelfire/Neal, Arion/Samson/Felipe, Eustace, Maleficent, and Bartholomew/Leonardo.
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