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Ruby Lucas
 Posted: May 17 2015, 12:44 PM
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My mother wanted me to choose between being a wolf, and being a human. Granny did too. You were the only person who ever thought it was okay for me to be both.
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female ♣ eastern ♣ cheshire.wings

Ruby Lucas
✘With the moon as the spotlight That shines on me And the stars were the lighters in the air And the wind screaming loud sounded just like a crowd And I swore I was already there I'd howl at the moon ✘
full name:
ruby lucas


56 (28) .

waitress at Granny's


face claim:
meghan ory


While Ruby is self assured enough to know that she fears herself more than an outside force, that isn't her greatest fear. Her greatest fear, is that no one else can get near her. That deep down, they ALL fear her.

Ruby is a werewolf, meaning she shifts with the moon to a wolf form. The only thing that prevents it is a red cape her grandmother had given her.

♞ coffee, black

♞ dancing

♞ girl's night

♞ the color red

♞ baked goods ( a weakness )

♞ tofu

♞ the color yellow (makes her look sick)

♞ liars

♞ milk

♞ opera


Before Curse: Red grew up with her grandmother, never knowing her parents. Her mother died when she was young, but that was all she ever knew. She led a pretty boring life, helping her grandmother and keeping the chickens in the yard. She had a beau, Peter, but it was hard to be together, seeing as there was a vicious wolf in the area that even the best hunters couldn't seem to kill. One day while out gathering eggs she met Snow White and befriended her almost immediately. Letting her into the house and hiding her. It was her courage that convinced Red that they needed to hunt down the wolf. The problem was, she saw tracks and the only other tracks around, were Peter's. Red somehow became convinced that Peter was the wolf. Things from there took a turn. You see, Red was a wolf. And she killed Peter. The only people that knew were Snow White and her grandmother and Snow White helped her run and hide from hunters and her grandmother explained the curse in their family and the red cloak.

FEaring a tear in the cloak leaves her vulnerable, she sent Snow ahead and hides. Waking the next morning she knew she was fine but as she was at a stream someone stole her cloak. After a chase she finds other wolves, and her mother. Sadly it's not the best reunion as the Queen's guards came for Snow. It got one of the wolves killed and Red's mother wanted to kill Snow White. Red defended her and her mother was disappointed that she chose a human and the human side over the wolves. Red tried to show that she was choosing herself and not being a murderer. Losing her mother again was hard and she thanked Snow for everything before they separated. She kept brining things to Snow in the forest and keeping her updated on things as she was in hiding.

During Curse: As Ruby, she worked in her Granny's diner and her apartments, though she hated it. She was rebellious at heart and always out partying. She dreamed of leaving Storybrooke and going to Boston, but her grandmother had a heart attack and so she stayed. Life was pretty much the same thing over and over. Life really picked up when Emma got there and so much happened. Ruby watched mostly as things went down, but she was definitely there to help when Archie and Henry got trapped in the mine. One thing about working the diner was she knew everything that was going on in the town. Including stuff with Emma and Henry, with Regina, with Mary Margaret and David.

Her itchy feet got the best of her when August came to town talking of his travels, but still she stuck around. She does decide it's time to make a change and she and Henry go over job listings while she's at the Sheriff's office. Answering the phone there, she starts working for the Sheriff. Only to realize it really wasn't what she wants out of life. She has a long talk with Granny about her fears of taking over the diner and regains her confidence. It was just after that, that she and Granny regained their memories of their former lives.

After Curse: Things did not get quiet, after the curse was broken, a wraith showed up. She took Henry for Emma, after reuniting with Mary Margaret, and when the wraith damaged the town and took Emma and Mary with it, she helped rally the town. Finding her footing and her voice she became a leader. As they worked to find a way to bring Emma and Mary Margaret back, they learned that if you stepped out of the town, over the line, you lost your true memories. Seemingly trapped in the town they had to work together to find a way to fix it all. Sadly, one night while she is trapped in a freezer so she doesn't hurt anyone during her shift, someone lets her loose, wanting to cause problems for David. She wakes up in the forest and in the aftermath thinks she's killed someone. Leaving David forced to do something about it.

Trying to protect her, she ends up chained in the library with Belle. Ruby however, believes she did it and finds a way to be released. Heading to the townspeople after her, she shifts to a wolf. Before she can be killed, David shows up with not only her cloak, but proof that she didn't kill. She reluctantly calms so that David can place the cloak on her. That night though, she takes off the cloak and goes running as a wolf, trying to find that balance between herself as a human and as a wolf. Finally, Emma and Mary Margaret return and the town has a celebration. More happens in the town, Archie is killed, strangers show up, Belle looses her memory, and through it all, Ruby helps when she can but learns secrets of people as they talk in the diner.

Ruby is a woman still trying to come to terms with who and what she is. Rebellious in nature, she likes to push people's perceptions, see beyond the ordinary. Part of that might be because of her heightened senses, she sees, or knows, more than what others see or simply dismiss. Part of that is because years of being quiet and serving others has shown her the side of people they don't normally express. SHe has always felt a bit like an outsider and that is very much true. She isn't like everyone else and while part of her revels in it, another part of her feels the deep loneliness of not being the same or accepted.

At her heart she is a good person and wants to help others. She trusts her gut instincts on people and has rarely if ever, been proven wrong. She doesn't like the more negative emotions and so either hides them or pushes them away with better and happier emotions. She's strong, independent, and fiercely protective. Yet there's that part of her that wants to just run free, no obligations or connections. She would never completely turn her back on them though, because she knows those obligations are part of who she is.

RP Sample
Ruby groaned at the knocking on her door. Shoving a pillow over her head she willed it to go away, only for it to get more insistent. With a growl she sat up and looked at the clock. Eight o'clock in the morning. What kind of sadist was this? With a mumbled "Coming!" She got up and stretched. Grabbing a sweater she pulled it on over her tank and boxers she wore to bed. It came a bare three inches above the knee high socks and so she shoved the hair from her face and opened the door. Figures. There was a problem and people were needed. A search of sorts in the woods. They didn't want to say it, but they basically needed her like a bloodhound. Ruby didn't know which was more insulting, that it was that reason they were there, or that they just couldn't say it. Regardless she said she'd be down in a minute and closed the door again.

It didn't take long for her to change and slapping a hat on she headed down to the street where others were waiting. She waited patiently while David and Emma divvied people up into search teams. As soon as they saw her they sighed, and even smiled. It pulled a smile from Ruby. She knew they were friends and even without her super sniffer, they'd want her help. She just sometimes felt a little too separated from everyone. Especially as they all worked towards their own Happily Ever After and as far as she knew, hers had been destroyed. By her own hand. Stepping forward she listened to what was going on and then nodded to them. "So, what do you have of his for me? Anything? A scarf, a hat. . . " They looked at each other a little uncomfortable and there it was. That reminder that she wasn't jsut their friend but something more. Staying quiet she waited for them to admit it to themselves then they brought out a pair of mittens. Taking them to her face she closed her eyes and concentrated. Once she had it she nodded and headed off. She knew she'd be followed.

Writing Style
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Henry Mills
 Posted: May 17 2015, 06:30 PM
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You may not believe in the curse, or in me, but I believe in you!
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"That was a great read!"

Congratulations! Welcome to Forever After, Belle really liked the story you presented her! Please don't forget to fill out the Face Claim, the Who's Who list and the Job Claim. Also remember you can have a Character Thread Tracker and a Character Plotter Page.

In addition to this, we want to learn more about the person behind the character. Please tell us about yourself in the Introductions area. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the board.

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