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Mar 16 2015, 10:18 PM
Hey guys so Im going to e setting up a plot for Henry were he turns dark not forever obviously but I feel it would be great and have lots of consequences and bring some issues for all his family as well as himself. So far I have ideas about how to do this plot but the characters I know will contribute to Henry turning dark re so far this

Jafar: He will have some influence due to the fact Henry will be gaining his Lamp, actually probably quite a bit of influence

Rumple: He's going to be teaching Henry magic, I could see some of this being partly his fault, plus Henry could of handled an object from his shop.

Julia: She's neutral so her effect or whatever she does could be an accident

Henry's Shadow; a Character being Made, but should have quite a role for this plotline

Anyway would any else like to join in to help set up this plot line with me to get Henry to this point. I was hoping people so far we could collaborate on the idea to get Henry to that point. Everyone has a bit of Darkness and it is time Henry's is more than just unleashed in more than just his shadow.

Feb 13 2015, 02:47 PM
Hello there folks its the best person ever good old Henry here, just to deliver you the posting order of the event, but first things first we still have a few people left to join in and post but they will just have to post as and when and jump into the order at any time, this list bellow will be updated to reflect that when it happens. It's been a while since the event started, and we should start getting it up to speed. Just remember if you don't respond within a week of the last person's post, then your character will be skipped for that turn, and the next person in the posting order goes up.

Henry Mills
Prince Phillip
Regina Mills
Peter Pevensie
Jefferson Hatter
Grace Hatter
Julia La Fay
Percy Odinson

Obviously our Main baddies wont be turning up yet, as o......h ........what's........ this.......... I just got news they are doing rehearsals for their big entrance.
Jan 29 2015, 09:08 PM
Henry wasn't supposed to be here, at least that was what his mom had always told him, she always told him to avoid this place,and the last time she had asked about it she really did not seem happy about him doing so. He hadn't really though anything of it at first, he used to just think it was his mom protecting him, the whole deal with stranger danger, that she just didn't want him to get hurt. Now though, well now he wasn't sure, he felt that there was something she was hiding, maybe someone she was scared of? He really really wanted to know what was here in this big house, was it a clue to the whole curse?

That's what he believed, that there would be something here in this place, some big clue or just some piece of evidence to do with the curse, perhaps maybe he'd find something that would help him identify who people were. He had already identified a few people and their fairytale identities, but anything that would help him in finding out even more would certainly help, he could then give all this info to the Saviour when she came so she could use it to save everyone. If he did a bit of the work now the Saviour would have it a lot easier when she got her, she wouldn't have to start from scratch.

Which was why he was here near the place his mom had often told him not to come, and this time he was ignoring her warnings, she was hiding something, she just had to be. She was The Evil queen after all, he was going to find out what was or who was here and nothing could stop him. He did wonder if anyone actually lived here? Should he knock on the door and see, or would it be better to snoop around instead? He wasn't sure knocking on the door would be good right now, he wasn't going to break in if someone lived there he would knock on the door but he wanted to look around the area of the place, perhaps he'd come across something that would give away the fairytale character who lived here? Or if no one lived here any evidence that could help him prove the curse to the saviour.

Henry was determined to find out all the things that his mom was hiding and this was a start, he had made sure to tell his mom he was a at the arcade, she seemed to believe it which was good, now he just need to look around and just be careful. He didn't want to get into trouble, however this was important, he had to do this because the Saviour would need someone's help, not only that his mom was evil and she had to be stopped, anything wrong that she did uncovered or stopped.

He smiled to himself and continued forward going carefully his backpack on his back his storybook inside it along with a few chocolate bars in case he got hungry and drink. It didn't look like the most friendly house but he wasn't scared, he was never scared. He stopped for a moment and looked around where he was to make sure no one was following him before he quickly went over the side of the house to check that area for anything of interest that might be important.
Jan 27 2015, 02:29 AM

Recommended face claim: Jake Thomas

Master Ichabod wolf is that even his full name? Or is his name chosen on a whim? One of his own design one he felt truer to himself, if it is his true name he makes no effort to tell anyone.

One thing that is known about him is that he is a druid of southern regions of Camelot.
He wasn't always powerful in magic, in fact he was quite a low level druid, however his power grew when he found a ring that enchnaces his powers, as well as being trained by the White Mage Merlin.

However much like Merlin no one actually known where he came from, or when he was born. just that he is considered as the great tempter of the southern woods, he also also been named betrayer and a lover. Strangely enough though considered an enemy by many in Camelot he has often been given amnesty by Merlin as well as by the kings, he has often graced Camelot's courts with many fantastic stories and gifts, but is well hated by the nobles and court members. even a few of the kings have hated him.

He is actually connected to Merlin in a few ways, and they often have a bit of chase relationship, both very much enjoy the other company and both tease each other with the the mysteries of their past, as well as their studies in to magic. They both have a love for the other and can't help but just find the other fascinating. Though more likely to cause trouble in Camelot and a villain much like Merlin [whose also more like a villain here] he wants to see Camelot thrive. The two have gotten intemit on occasion, is it lust or perhaps something more, they both know how to tease the other.

There is however something a tiny bit more they share a bond of a sort that neither of them known, an old connection that has been buried deep, Master Ichabod the mystery whose past is deeply shrouded was born during the time of the heiress Queen, and was actually the son to the main advisor of the age. He was at least 4 years older than Emerys as Merlins name was in those days. He lost his father to the civil war that had erupted, he was taken by the druids to unlock his magic before he would then serve in the war on the side that was against the Pendragons. He really shouldn't of been in the war as he was young but the king of that side didn't care. It was here he would meet Merlin and they would be friends a point faded from both their memories. He much like Merlin would end up later on the side of the Pendragon king and he would be killed or seemingly killed at one of the battles.

This is all unknown to anyone he knows of his past but not of it with Merlin, however it is also unknown how exactly he is still alive and why like Merlin he does not age and looks to be at least 25. [This is something you can work on when you take him]

Back to the Legend of Ichabod the man he is now, why he carries the names he does.

The Tempter, and the thief
A big Bad wolf, one of his oldest titles once he was known as the mysterious big bad wolf of the southern woods of Camelot, considered to be a tale old by the common folk. Young lads and girls of all ages would go missing in the woods at night, no one cared as the children were the orphaned, so it grew in to a tale that a terrible wolf stalked the paths in the woods and would eat any child without a parent with them and leave nothing behind. This was not the case and it was not long until even other children went missing. Soon enough Three boys known as the smallest three Piggies, Damien Pig, Geoffrey pig and Harold Pig sons of the Camelot nobles Sir Fredrick and Helga Piggies vanished.

All the children who were taken wanted to be taken in the end, those that never did returned home free and had no memory of their meeting with the so called big bad wolf. Inchabod had been tempting children to come and join his new gang of thieves, for you see one true fact is the southern regions of the many many many centuries and ages of this happening had also found things being stolen and carriages of nobles being ransacked. The disappearance of the three piggies caused a bit of a scandal back at court and soon a search party lead by the king, the king of the time found them but it was Merlin who sorted the issue, while the king wanted to burn the camp and send all the children home Merlin did not. He had actually gotten there first and had been with Ichabod talking for some time, he had made an agreement, the three boys back but he could keep his camp and he would cloak it for him. He knew he was doing this mainly for his own personal gain with some care about the children, and the orphans were better off with him. Merlin just cared he had solved one of Camelots folk legends he didn't mind the stealing.

Ichabod was renamed by many as Ichabod the the tempter and often the nobles and the kings that would come would try and stop his operations and when they would come close the operations vanished, only to resurface again perhaps many years or even hundreds of years later. Though he doesn't do it as much now.

The Traitor

Ichabod the betrayer of the borderlands, this title has actually come up for him at least ten times now and all during different times and ages of Camelot, it ism funny how many times one man can be forgiven for betraying one side again and again, something that has amused both Ichabod and Merlin to know end, even if on three of those occasions he mucked up Merlins plans. He has betrayed the forces of Camelot on many of the occasions in their battles at the borderlands between them and other kingdoms having been helping them out, and isn't very well liked due to this. There are a few occasions where he would fight for the other side and betray them for Camelot instead, two of those times had been for a favor from Merlin, which he himself had gotten something out of the deal.

The Lover and troublemaker
These two names for Ichabod have gone hand in hand, he is considered a great lover of both men and women and has been able to to annoy many nobleman and women for having made their own loves betray them. He is charming and very cheeky as well as adventurous, the mystery about him also helps at times. He has however also been known for causing quite a lot of trouble around Camelot, for its nobles and the king, he has quite often helped enemies of Camelot but never in a big way, yet he has often helped Camelot itself He just seems to enjoy causing trouble for people.

The druid leader
Ichabod since the reign of King Uther took control of the druids in Camelot after their last leader was hung by Uther, he became one of the threats to Camelot in that time due to his and many magic users hatred of Uther not really understanding why Merlin didn't just kill him. This stopped being the case when merlin became regent after the kings death and then arthur became king Recently though he had the druids have begun to oppose the order of Merlin, the three apprentice's who betrayed Merlin and have been seeking to take Camelot, he has for reasons known only to him decided to be a thorn in his side, however during the second curse he and the rest of Camelot have been brought to Stirybrooke.

Check Merlins app for then history of the cvil war, though do make sure to send me a pm if you want to take him and i can help you with a few things.
Jan 19 2015, 04:11 PM

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Just thought I'd drop you a comment and remind you that you are awesome and fantastic. I look forward to all our plots! <3
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