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Quote : "I'm a grinner/I'm a lover/And I'm a sinner/I play my music in the sun"
Adjective: musician
Fairy Tale From: Anastasia
Relationship Status: itscomplicated
Job: Con Artist//Salesman
Hometown: St. Petersburg, Russia
Music: Dimitri
Alias: JoJo
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Dimitri Luski


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Oct 9 2014, 10:54 AM
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<td><div style="width: 200px; height: 400px; background-image: url(http://barefoot.provocateuse.com/images/photos/viggo_mortensen_07.jpg);"></div></td>

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Name: Vladimir//Vlad
Storybrooke Name: (You can decide)
Age: 42
Play By: Viggo Mortenson
Vladimir is the best friend, mentor and partner of Dimitri Luski, though he is a bit different than one might expect him to be. History and upbringing is up to you, but sometime in his early 30’s he meets a young Dimitri who begins to look up to him. Vlad is cunning and sly, with a rude and crude sense of humor and a short temper. He teaches the younger lad in the art of conning others, showing him how to heartlessly take from others no matter who they may be. <P>
Vlad can be seen as conniving and cruel- with a rather dark side to him. There is nothing he won’t do to get his way- I even see him as possibly aligning with the side of evil. For years he and Dimitri work together until one day- about 8 years after their meeting he invites the now young man to join him on a grand adventure. He had heard rumors of magic- true magic and he wanted it for himself. This aspect of his history can be TBA or discussed with perhaps another magical character. Long story short, he discovers a person of magic (TBD) in the Land Without Magic and makes a deal with them- receiving a magic bean as payment. He then finds his way back to St. Petersburg to show Dimitri and warn him of trouble to come in hopes of getting his best friend and partner back. Much to his dismay, the man chooses Anastasia over him, and later discovers that Dimitri had stolen the bean right from under his nose.<P>
How he gets to the Enchanted Forest or Storybrooke is up to you- but I’d like for them to meet up again and perhaps have a rivalry//new found dislike for one another. I don’t think Vlad would be too pleased to know he had been taken advantage of.<P>
I see Vlad as being rather stylish and put together as well. Please read Dimitri’s profile before applying for this character- or get ahold of JoJo for details!




<center><a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/A_THOUSAND_FIREFLIES/index.php?showuser=12224"><div style="width: 425px; margin: 5px; text-align: left; font-family: arial; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: left; font-size: 6px; color: #111;">robb stark</div></a></center>

Oct 8 2014, 11:44 AM

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♠ JoJo♠</font><p>
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Female♣ MST♣ ASK FOR MY AIM</font></center>

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✘ If I stay, it won't be long
'Til I'm burning on the inside
If I go, I can only hope
That I make it to the other side..✘ <br>

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<div class="titleline">full name:</div>
<div class="answer"> Dimitri Luski //Griffin Everett Maddox </div>
<div class="titleline">nickname(s):</div>
<div class="answer">He prefers to go by Griff, even after he recovered his memories he decided not to go back to using the name Dimitri.</div>
<div class="titleline">age:</div>
<div class="answer">23</div>
<div class="titleline">occupation:</div>
<div class="answer">Servant, con artist, thief//Musician, salesman </div>
<div class="titleline">sexuality:</div>
<div class="answer">Straight. Completely and utterly straight. </div>
<div class="titleline">face claim:</div>
<div class="answer">Chris Evans</div>
<div class="titleline">Species:</div>
<div class="answer">Human </div>


<div style="width: 180px; height: 300px; padding: 5px; overflow: auto;">

<div class="titleline">Fears</div>
<div class="answer"> Dimitri would never admit any of this- but his biggest fear is that he will never truly make anything of himself. Sure he is great at his job, and has broken away from his past life of servitude- but besides conning he isn’t really good at anything else- never having gone to school or being trained properly in any trade. Tied into this worry is that he is not, or will never be enough for Anastasia- who he believes deserves the world.</div>
<div class="titleline">Magic:</div>
<div class="answer">Dimitri has no innate talent for magic, which is incredibly annoying to him. The ability to use magic could come in handy for someone who is constantly trying to fool people…</div>

<div class="titleline">likes:</div>
<div class="answer">
♞ Anastasia. Because he doesn’t often like people, finding them tedious and annoying, it is quite surprising how much he loves the woman and she is the only one who can get on his good side. <p>
♞ One of his favorite things in the world is the guitar- not only does he enjoy playing the instrument but also building them. Music is one of the only things in his life he feels can center him.<p>
♞ Booze, and lots of it.<p>
♞ He gets sick satisfaction when one of his cons goes off without a hitch- it thrills him to no end. The man lives off the rush of adrenaline he experiences in the midst of a particularly good hustle.<p>
♞ Dimitri loves technology, and is always trying to keep up with the latest and greatest devices.<p>
♞Man’s best friend- his dog Johnny Boy seenhere.<p>
♞ For a man he’s rather stylish, taking great pride in his appearance. He has more clothes than most women- he has a look for every occasion. This comes in handy for his cons, giving him the ability to take on a role completely. Probably one of the only men who enjoys “shopping”.<p>
<div class="titleline">dislikes:</div>
<div class="answer">
♞ Children. They are gross, small stupid people who never stop asking questions. <p>
♞ Overly energetic and optimistic people. Life is not all that great. <p>
♞ Unhygienic or sloppy people. These sorts tend to care little about themselves and he can’t stand that type of attitude. <p>
♞ Honest work. It takes too long, and isn’t nearly as fun as getting things for free.<p>
♞ Anyone talking to or touching Anastasia who he doesn’t know or like. Rapustin is high on his list of despicable people. <p>
♞ The fact that he is surrounded by magical people, yet he himself cannot perform magic. Not only would it be helpful in many ways, he does not like feeling lesser than anyone else. <p>
♞Hiding his relationship with Anastasia. Because she is a princess and he is a servant boy, they are not allowed to be together no matter what he made of himself. <p>


<div class="titleline">HISTORY</div>
<div class="answer">
Before Curse: Dimitri Luski was born to a poor family in Russia during the 1900’s. From the earliest he could remember he served as a kitchen boy for The Royal Romanov family- the current leaders of Russia during that time. The country was at war with itself- but being of such low class he hardly noticed what was going on around him, only hearing stories in whispers from those who served in the palace. As a boy he was quite a prankster, unable to sit still for even a moment. He had a passion for adventure- and with his cute smile and boyish good looks he tended to get away with just about everything. No one could seem to challenge him… that is until she came along. <p>
Princess Anastasia was unlike any other member of the royal family- unlike any other girl in fact! Even as a child he watched her, looking out for her without her even knowing it. In the shadows he would always be, making sure no harm came to her. He was completely infatuated with her- but he knew he was merely a servant boy who had no hopes of ever even speaking to her. One day, out of the blue, while he was in the middle of a rather excellent prank on the cook- there she was- unannounced and unexpected. The two hit it off quite well, and he was surprised when he found out she had skipped school to go on an adventure. She joined him in his tricks- though she often had some of her own and it thrilled her to no end to be able to pull one over on him. Although the two often annoyed one another- Dimitri loved every moment they spent together. <p>
As he grew older, Dimitri became craftier, coming up with clever ways to make extra money or obtain items he wished to have. He never told Anastasia of his cons, afraid the rest of the family would find out and turn him in. But a boy of little means had to find ways to survive in this world, didn’t he? He and the princess grew apart- he made sure of it. He knew he could lose his job or worse if someone found out about their friendship. The more he was away from her, the more cunning and sly he became- taking advantage of just about everyone he came across. One day, he returned to the palace to find a visitor had arrived, a man by the name of Rasputin. Jealousy clouded his mind when he noticed the way the beautiful young princess admired this new comer. There was something off about him, not trusting his suave look and empty words. He was older than Anastasia, much older- which was another hint to Dimitri that something wasn’t right. But the family trusted him, and he had no choice in the matter. <p>
During the next year he met a man name Vlad, a fellow con artist and rather robust and friendly man. Though he was a bit older the two became close friends- helping each other out as much as possible in their schemes. Vlad told him of the uprisings against the Czar, trying to convince him to leave his position in the palace and join him on the road. He had an idea for a long con in which he needed a partner. As much as he wished to go, the young man refused his best friend, not wishing to leave Anastasia alone with Rasputin. Unsure if they would ever cross paths again, the older man gave him a present- a puppy which he named Johnny Boy- telling him this way he always had a friend. <p>
Rasputin’s tricks were soon discovered, and much to his delight the man was kicked out of the palace. He tried to reach out to Anastasia but she had become much different- quiet, reserved and to him… sad. He hated Rasputin for what he did, and made it his mission to bring back that spark of life he once knew. A few years passed and out of desperation the royal family fled- hoping to protect themselves from the riots and hysteria of the land. Dimitri followed, and once they arrived he found Anastasia again. They hadn’t actually spoken in years- but he could see the trust in her eyes even when she denied him. Soon they became close again, and briefly he believed that maybe they could be together. One day, he confessed his love to her…. and was surprised by her response. She loved him as well- but they knew they couldn’t truly be together…<p>
It was just a few months later that Vlad returned- it was pure luck they ran into each other. The man told Dimitri of his adventure, that he had met a man who claimed to have real magic. The two worked together on a con, and his reward was a magic bean that could transport him to another world. Thinking his friend had gone mad, he brushed him aside. During their talk Vlad also mentioned he had heard rumors in St. Petersburg of an attack on the royal family being planned. He immediately went with the news to Anastasia, having stolen the bean right out of his best friends pocket….<p>
Unsure if it would work, he presented the idea to Anastasia, telling her that he would try anything to keep her safe. After a loving embrace, he threw the bean to the ground- and was amazed when a portal appeared before him. Lightly pushing her forward, Dimitri jumped after her- believing they would end up in the same place. Unfortunately, instead of following her to Camelot, Dimtiri found himself stranded alone in the Kingdom of Sterling. Confused and disoriented, he spent most of his time on the streets- begging and stealing his way ahead. People thought he was mad, claiming to be from a world without magic…..
During Curse:
Like many other members of the Enchanted Forest, Dimitri was transported to Storybrooke with no memories of his past life. He was now Griffin Maddox, a sly salesman with a bit of a drinking problem. Known around town as a smooth talker, he kept mostly to himself- with only his dog Johnny Boy by his side. Growing up to an impoverished family, he used any means necessary to survive- allowing people to think him cruel and ruthless. Problem was, he was also charming and could convince anyone to buy anything…. He became rather well off, which in no way endeared anyone to him.<p>
Every day he would visit the coffee shop in town, enjoying its silence. He also enjoyed the sites- more so the owner of the bakery itself. Her name was Natalya and she was the only one who never looked down upon him, always flashing him kind smiles or giving him an extra treat. But Griff, being Griff, had no sense to ask her out- simply staring at her lovingly from afar. The man felt rather foolish about it, but he thought a woman as beautiful as she would never take interest in a man such as himself. He had come from nothing, and earned everything he had by constantly taking advantage of others- what woman could ever love him?<p>
After Curse: Once the curse broke the only person he could think of was Anastasia, rushing to her bakery in hopes to find her. When he burst through the door and he saw her- he thought he could never be happier than he was in that moment. But to his surprise and dismay, she denied him- telling him she believed he had abandoned her in a strange land. Despite his protects she wouldn’t believe him- leaving him heart broken and questioning everything. Day after day Dimitri returned to her, and each time she turned him away- the look of disappointment and hurt in her eyes enough to drive him mad. <p>
With Johnny Boy by his side he decided to try and find who gave Vlad the bean, to ask them what may have happened. Perhaps he could convince Anastasia that something had happened- that he never would leave her alone intentionally. During his brief time in the Enchanted Forest he had learned that Rumplestiltkin was a purveyor of rare objects, and that he may know the answer to solve all of his problems. Unfortunately a war was still raging in the town, their hatred for the Evil Queen leaving them little care for any others. Griff, as Dimitri now liked to be called, had no interest in helping these people with their petty problems. <p>
Conducting his own research- he tracked down the man with the bean, hoping to find some answers that may reunite him with his true love again….<p>

<div class="titleline">Personality</div>
<div class="answer"> Dimitri often exhibits two completely different personalities- who he actually is and who he wants other people to believe him to be. When he is being himself he is rather quiet, the type who has a lot on his mind and nothing to say. The man has a fiery temper and a quick wit, but he knows when to use his words rather than actions. He has no troubles telling people how things really are, if they care to listen or step out of line. Otherwise he keeps mostly to himself and could be seen as a loner. <p>
Surprisingly when Dimitri does speak he is rather intelligent and put together. Others often assume he is the “pretty boy” type who isn’t capable of intelligent thought- especially since he hardly talks to anyone. Personally he feels more comfortable alone and only has three people in his life he completely trusts- Anastasia, Vlad and Johnny Boy. None of this means however that he will be cruel or mean to strangers- unless they give him a reason to. He was raised with manners- to treat those with respect who deserved it. Because of his past he is not good with taking orders- which is why he works for himself and answers only to himself. <p>
Music is a big part of his life, finding the most comfort when he is playing his guitar. He has a rather nice voice as well and actually finds great joy in performing. When he engaged in a song you can see the true light and happiness in his eyes and heart- while most of the time he looks rather annoyed or bored. <p>
The other side of Dimitri is the con- he would make an incredible actor if he ever thought to do such a thing. This man is charming and fun- always talking passionately and convincingly. It doesn’t take much for him to get his way, using his handsome smile and smooth words to get just about anything he could dream of. These skills had helped him his entire life and are the only way he has survived so long. He lives for the adrenaline pumping through his veins during a particularly difficult con. There is something about his way that makes everyone comfortable and willing to go along with whatever he says. <p>
The one thing about Dimitri is this- he doesn’t care who he has to cheat or lie to in order to get what he wants. The man is not cruel or callous- but he believes we are responsible for ourselves in this world and will go to any lengths to achieve his desired result. This makes him across as cold and careless- a real crook.<p>
Generally, he has a good temperament- except when it comes to protecting Anastasia. It is a rather poor idea to hurt, lie to her or treat her poorly. He has a hard time controlling this, and although he isn’t exactly the “jealous” type, he can’t stand the thought of anyone else even touching her. The world is full of filthy people with filthy intentions and all he wishes to do is protect her from all of it. When with her he is the most kind and talkative, although he does love to give her a little bit of trouble just for fun. Around her, Dimitri can be himself and speak what is on his mind. However, he will never admit he can be slightly insecure when it comes to their relationship- simply because he fears she will find someone better than he. <p>
As Griffin- his Storybrooke persona, he generally exhibits the same tendencies. The only difference is that as Griff he is a bit rougher around the edges- uttering rude words to others and picking unnecessary fights- especially when he is drunk. The town pays little attention to the man- until he shows up on their doorstep trying to sell one thing or another. People find him to be conceited and arrogant, which is mostly an act to cover up his sense of loneliness. Only he is to blame for this, shutting people out and turning them away.
<3 </div>

<div class="titleline">RP Sample</div>
<div class="answer"> Y’all know my work ;)<3 </div>

<div class="titleline">Writing Style</div>
<div class="answer">Multi Para// Novella//Can work with any writing styles!</div>
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