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Dec 17 2014, 02:28 PM
The White Star

The Main Villains:

Jared[Henry's Shadow]

This event will take place is a series of THREE separate events in order to keep the flow and order throughout the course of it! Each event will also consist of various stages (A, B,C, etc) to keep from overly confusing those involved.

Event One:

Stage A (Main Stage):

The Solstice Ball: Citizens of Storybrooke are all invited to a winter ball which coincides with the turning on of the Christmas lights throughout the town- a perfect mixture of the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke! Hosted by Regina Mills and the Charming’s themselves, this must attend ball will be held at a mansion on the edge of town and is open to all, including heroes and villains!

Throughout this magical evening, devious schemes are being laid out by Jared and Maleficent- the party goers are unaware as they mingle, gossip and open presents in the spirit of the season. When all seems peaceful, Maleficent reveals herself, announcing that she plans to use the Winter Solstice in combination with the coming of the White Star to gain the power she feels she deserves.

Stage B:

The Queen and the Mage: Set just after the ball, Regina and Merlin collaborate on the idea of gathering Villains together to further their own plans on how to use the upcoming events to their advantage. Neither wish to see Maleficent hold this special power, and decide to work together to use the White Star and the fact that magic will be at its best on the winter solstice.

Event Two:

The count down to the Winter Solstice has begun and the White Star draws ever closer to the Land Without Magic- a darkness looms, as villains plot, some in secret, and others using threats and tricks to sow chaos amongst the heroes of Storybrooke, distracting and delaying them.

Stage A (Main Stage):

The Hunt for Maleficent: In this the Heroes set on a quest to find Maleficent and over many days she will puts up distractions in front of the Heroes to make sure she can accomplish her goal without being deterred. Turning up when she feels is necessary, every move she makes is in preparation for the coming events.

The Nights of The Shadow: In the nights leading up to the The Winter Solstice, while Maleficent Rules the day, Jared is who rules the night, having unleashed a curse upon Storybrooke. Every night when all is calm and people wish to rest their weary heads- they have begun to see their worst fears, their greatest nightmares come to life! The curse is powered by an object that Jared has procured and protected and in order to break it, the curse must be broken before Opening Night or they will forever live in fear….

Stage B:

The Dark Accord: This thread is a gathering of villains who came to the call of Regina and Merlin. Merlin has used his magic to hide them all from the Heroes so they can plot together without being stopped. Villains only thread

The Coming of the White Star: The villains have begun to put together a plot but the heroes are checking in on them. While Merlin and Regina have vanished to the Mayor’s office to lay out their plan, the other villains have been instructed to distract the Heroes while the two work tirelessly. Many villains and heroes will clash in this thread.

Within the Mines!: Regina and Merlin have cooked up a dark wraith and unleashed it upon the town- taking residence in the Mines, and has set about trying to destroy the town from underneath it, trying to slowly suck the light magic from the land. The Heroes must stop it before Storybrooke is lost! Heroes only thread.

Event Three

The Winter solstice has come, and magic is at its peak- high above in the sky is the White Star, giving an extra boost to the magical day. Darkness and light are at war with each other- the stage has been set and by nightfall the show will begin.

Stage A (Main Stage) :

Night of the Solstice: Magic is at its peak, and The White Star is clear in the sky. Maleficent and Jared have put their plan into action, and the Heroes are ready to try and stop them, however who will prevail and will Jared or Maleficent end up back stabbing each other?

Stage B:

The White Night: In the fields of Storybrooke the Heroes have begun to break through the defenses set up by the Dark Accord, however as they come closer to their goals and the magic starts up, will the heroes succeed? Will the villains? Will the Dark Accord fall apart, perhaps the villains backstabbing each other?
Nov 26 2014, 11:46 AM
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<div class="oceansaway1"></div><center><div class="oatabs"><div class="oatab"><input type="radio" id="oatab-1" name="oatab-group-1" checked><label for="oatab-1">Storybrooke</label><div class="oceansaway2"><div class="layer">

245 ADO- The Dark Curse creates the timeless town of Storybrooke, its new citizens losing the memories of their previous lives in the process.</br>
273 ADO- Emma Swan is brought to Storybrooke by her son, Henry Mills, and time within the town starts to move again.</br>
273 ADO- Answering The Call: Samson & Dimitri</br>
273 ADO- Emma Swan breaks the Dark Curse, the inhabitants of Storybrooke regaining their lost memories.</br>
273 ADO- Upon This Line: Samson & Merlin, Open</br>
273 ADO- During an attempt to rid Storybrooke of the Wraith, both Snow White and Emma Swan accidentally fall through Jefferson’s portal hat.</br>
273 ADO- Henry Mills convinces his mother, Regina, not to seal the only portal into Storybrooke, allowing Emma Swan and Snow White to return.</br>
273 ADO- Thick As Thieves: Baelfire & Dimitri</br>
273 ADO- Getting To Know You: Baelfire & Regina</br>
273 ADO- Can You Help Me?: Samson & Emma</br>
273 ADO- Henry blows up the wishing well.</br>
273 ADO- Magic Ruins Everything: Baelfire, Henry, Emma, Snow White, & Regina</br>
274 ADO- Henry is kidnapped and brought to Neverland by Peter Pan.</br>
274 ADO- Henry is saved and the group return to Storybrooke.</br>
274 ADO- You're Not as Brave as You Were At You Were at the Start: Mary Poppins & Milo Thatch.</br>
274 ADO- Pan casts a second dark curse. Regina destroys it and reverses the first curse. This sends everyone in Storybrooke back to the Enchanted Forest, while Emma Swan & Henry Mills go to New York City with new altered memories.</br>
275 ADO- A third Dark Curse is cast and everyone returns to Storybrooke. They have lost their memories of the past year. Emma regains her memories thanks to Hook and goes with hook and henry back to Storybrooke.</br>
275 ADO- Don't Pretend You Don't Know Me: Eustace & Lucy</br>
275 ADO- Lost Boys In The Night: Baelfire, Eustace, Peter Pan, & Lost Boys</br>
275 ADO- Missed You: Baelfire, Eustace, Peter Pan, & Lost Boys</br>
275 ADO- The third curse is broken and everyone's memories are returned.</br>
275 ADO- A Father's Love: Baelfire, & Henry</br>
275 ADO- Zelena is defeated and captured.</br>
275 ADO- I'm Sorry Papa: Baelfire, & Rumplestiltskin</br>
275 ADO- Travelling in Time To Stop Pan: Baelfire, & Henry</br>
275 ADO- An ice wall grows blocking people from leaving town. And two people with ice powers surface. Elsa and The Snow Queen.
275 ADO- A Friendly Chat: Baelfire & Snow White</br>
275 ADO- Two Of A Kind: Baelfire & Marek</br>
273 ADO- An Awkward Reunion: Samson & Phillip</br>
273 ADO- It's Good To Be Back: Maleficent, Samson, & Phillip, Open</br>

</div></div><div class="oatab"><input type="radio" id="oatab-2" name="oatab-group-1"><label for="oatab-2">Real World</label><div class="oceansaway2"><div class="layer">

2 ADO- Baelfire arrives in The Land Without Magic and lives on the streets for the next six months.</br>
2 ADO- Baelfire steals food from the Darlings but is caught by Wendy. She lets him stay there. But Wendy's parents find out and agree to let Baelfire stay.</br>
2 ADO- After a trip to Neverland Wendy is heartbroken that the shadow's coming back for one of her brothers. Baelfire decides to take their place not wanting another family to be broken up and is whisked off to Neverland by the shadow.</br>
2 ADO- Wendy, John, and Michael follow Baelfire to Neverland to rescue Baelfire but are captured and held there.</br>
245 ADO- Pinocchio and Emma arrive outside Storybrooke off the highway and taken to a foster system. Pinocchio runs away with a bunch of boys leaving Emma behind.</br>
262 ADO- Emma Swan meets Neal and they starting stealing together and eventually dating.</br>
262 ADO- August approachs Neal and reveals he know he's Baelfire. Baelfire sets Emma up for an arrest and gives money and his car to August to give to Emma. August keeps the money and leaves the car for Emma.</br>
263 ADO- Emma gives birth to Henry and gives him up for adoption not even wanting to hold him.</br>
273 ADO- Henry Mills comes to Emma's house with the storybook and talks to her. He wants her to bring him home and help break the curse.</br>
273 ADO- August starts turning into wood and meets neal before heading to storybrooke. Neal then meets Tamara an they start dating.</br>
274 ADO- Rumplestiltskin, Emma, and Henry come to New York to find Baelfire. They find Neal and realize he is Rumple's son. It's revealed he's also Henry's father. </br>
274 ADO- Hook shows up and stabs Rumple to avenge Milah. Neal, Emma, Henry, and Rumple rush back to Storybrooke to get him healed.</br>
275 ADO- Emma and Henry move to New York with altered memories having forgotten their time in Storybrooke with it gone.</br>
276 ADO- Hook shows up and after several tries convinces Emma to take a memory potion and it restores her memories. She goes with Hook and Henry to Storybrooke with Henry still unaware what's going on.</br>

</div></div><div class="oatab"><input type="radio" id="oatab-3" name="oatab-group-1"><label for="oatab-3">Neverland</label><div class="oceansaway2"><div class="layer">

30 BDO- Malcom abandons his son, Rumplestiltskin, for eternal youth, becoming the infamous Peter Pan.</br>
2 ADO- Wendy goes to Neverland. She returns home and Baelfire is taken in her place so John and Michael can be safe.
2 ADO- Staying In Neverland: Baelfire & Peter Pan</br>
2 ADO- Hard First Day: Baelfire & Felix</br>
274 ADO- Henry is kidnapped and brought to Neverland by Peter Pan.</br>
274 ADO- Henry is saved and the group return to Storybrooke.</br>

</div></div><div class="oatab"><input type="radio" id="oatab-4" name="oatab-group-1"><label for="oatab-4">WonderLand</label><div class="oceansaway2"><div class="layer">

230 ADO -Betrayed by her daughter, Cora is pushed through a mirror portal and sent to Wonderland, where she quickly becomes the Queen of Hearts.</br>
235 ADO- Fleeing the Enchanted Forest, Will Scarlet and Ana Tremaine arrive in Wonderland.</br>
236 ADO- Jefferson takes Regina to Wonderland to help her steal something. She then betrays and traps him in there.</br>
238 ADO- After plotting with Will Scarlet and attempting to steal from the Red King, Ana Tremaine is offered the crown and becomes the Red Queen.</br>
244 ADO- The evil Queen Regina sends Captain Hook into Wonderland to assassinate her mother, Cora, who then teams up with the Captain. Together they then leave Wonderland.</br>
248 ADO- Jafar of Agrabah Arrives in Wonderland.</br>
249 ADO- The White Rabbit goes to retrieve Will Scarlet and Alice Kingsley, returning them to Wonderland.</br>
250 ADO- In an attempt to save Alice Kingsley’s life, Will Scarlet uses the third wish of the lamp to end her suffering, paying the price by becoming the Genie of the lamp.</br>
251 ADO- Jafar unleashes war on the land and unleashes the Jabberwocky. However, soon after Jafar is defeated and enslaved as a Genie.</br>

</div></div><div class="oatab"><input type="radio" id="oatab-5" name="oatab-group-1"><label for="oatab-5">Enchanted Forest</label><div class="oceansaway2"><div class="layer">

30 BDO- Using a rare magic bean, Malcom and his son, Rumplestiltskin, flee the Enchanted Forest for Neverland.</br>
15 BDO- Rumplestiltskin abandons the first ogre war after talking to a seer. His son Baelfire is born.</br>
6 BDO- Milah leaves Rumple for Hook and a life of adventure. After failing to stop her Rumple tells Bae Milah is dead.</br>
6 BDO- Milah leaves Rumple for Hook and a life of adventure. After failing to stop her Rumple tells Bae Milah is dead.</br>
6 BDO- Happy Birthday: Baelfire & Merlin</br>
0-Rumplestiltskin becomes the Dark One.</br>
2 ADO- Of Monsters And Men: Baelfire & Merlin</br>
245 ADO- The Dark Curse is cast by the evil Queen, Regina, and most of the Kingdoms inhabitants are transported to the “Land Without Magic”.</br>
273 ADO- Snow White and Emma Swan find themselves trapped in the Enchanted Forest, after falling through Jefferson’s portal hat.</br>
273 ADO- Snow White and Emma Swan narrowly escape death at the hands of Cora, and use a magic bean to escape the Enchanted Forest and go back to Storybrooke.</br>
273 ADO- Henry & Baelfire get stuck in the enchanted forest after accidentally dropping a bean in the beanstalk field.</br>
273 ADO- Bonding Experience: Baelfire & Henry</br>
273 ADO- Tamara shoots Neal and he shares a heartfelt goodbye with Emma thinking he's dying as he falls through a portal and lands in Enchanted Forest. After being patched up he goes with Phililp to search for a way home.</br>

273 ADO- I Will Hold On Hope: Baelfire & Phillip</br>

273 ADO- Neal and Phillip meet Robin Hood and his merry men at the Dark One's castle. Neal eventually uses Roland as bait and uses the shadow to take him to Neverland.</br>
274 ADO- Regina Mills reverses the Dark Curse, returning everyone to the Enchanted Forest.</br>
275 ADO- Snow White casts a second Dark Curse, returning everyone to the “Land Without Magic”, though Zelena alters it, causing everyone to lose the last year of their memories.</br>

</div></div><div class="oatab"><input type="radio" id="oatab-6" name="oatab-group-1"><label for="oatab-6">Oz</label><div class="oceansaway2"><div class="layer">

209 ADO- Cora abandons her baby, Zelena, who gets transported to the land of Oz by a tornado.</br>
230 ADO- The Wizard of Oz establishes himself in the Emerald City.</br>
243 ADO- Dorothy Gale’s house is brought to the Land of Oz by a tornado.</br>

</div></div><div class="oatab"><input type="radio" id="oatab-7" name="oatab-group-1"><label for="oatab-7">Other Realms</label><div class="oceansaway2"><div class="layer"></div>

</div></div><div class="oatab"><input type="radio" id="oatab-8" name="oatab-group-1"><label for="oatab-8">Quests</label><div class="oceansaway2"><div class="layer"></div>

</div></div><sub><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=6359">???</a></sub></center>

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Nov 24 2014, 12:16 PM
Ok everyone, here is my reminder!

I, along with Ryan (Milo) will be on vacation starting Wednesday the 26th for a week- aka until Dec. 3! During this time I definitely will NOT be online or able to help with the site or any questions at all! I know this is hard with guests and new people signing up if they need help- so I am asking all you amazing members to just help as best as possible and if you aren't sure of an answer direct the person to Leni (Anastasia) or Henry who will be in charge during this absence!

This also means for all those I am rping with- you may not get any replies until later on next week- if even then because when I return to work I will have a good deal to catch up on!

I shall miss you all!

Oh also, Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate such! XP

<3 Jo
Oct 29 2014, 01:53 PM
(Set During the First Curse)

“It's hard letting go,
I'm finally at peace, but it feels wrong,
Slow I'm getting up,
My hands and feet are weaker than before…”

Trembling, Marilyn’s eyes popped open, a cold- thick sweat slowly sliding down her forehead. Her breathing was labored, each exhale was dry and raspy and she gulped furiously in an attempt to calm her heaving chest. Shrouded in a cocoon of silky sheets, it took more effort than normal for her frail, pale hands to unravel herself, the smooth material causing them to slip out of her grasp. Sunlight threatened to peek through the black curtains, just barely casting a glow that reminded her it was indeed morning.

It had only been a dream.

A peacefully haunting dream- and Marilyn could feel the headache forming before she even lifted her head from off the down pillow. For some reason, unknown to her, she rolled over to stare at the empty space beside her. Certainly there had been somewhere there…. Hadn’t there? The woman had felt the presence throughout the entire evening- warm and comforting at first- now glaringly vacant, the crumpled sheets cold and cruel. Shivers rattled her, managing to push herself up into a sitting position as her cold grey eyes focused intently; as if the longer she looked the more likely he would be to appear.

He who?

“And you are folded on the bed
Where I rest my head,
There's nothing I can see,
Darkness becomes me…”

The details of the dream eluded her, and all she could remember was a feeling of happiness and love. Foolish really- to think one such as her could truly experience such an extraordinary life- such perfect peace. Marilyn was not a bitter woman, by any means, but considered herself a realist. It was hard for her to connect with anyone- to allow her soul to be on display as the rest of her body normally was. What she could not say she could sing, and to most she was merely a pretty face and voice- the meaning of her songs lost on their uncaring ears.

Yet she had seen his smile, heard his laugh… this mysterious faceless man from her dreams.

“Cause when I sing, you shout,
I breath out loud,
You bleed, we crawl like animals,
But when it's over, I'm still awake.
A thousand silhouettes dancing on my chest,
No matter where I sleep, you are haunting me…”

Taking a moment to regain her senses, Marilyn lifted one hand to her heart- as if she pressed hard enough against her chest it would stop its sporadic beats. She was being entirely irrational! Who in the world was disturbed by a beautiful dream? Reaching her hand forward, she slowly ran it over the area…. “Who are you?” Her whisper carried through the hazy morning air as her fingers tightened around a bit of the silky material.

Movement caught her eye and she looked up surprised, a long and lean shadow cast on the opposite wall. Practically leaping from the bed, she whipped her head around to discover the source.

She was alone.

She was always alone.

Almost stumbling over her feet, Marilyn bolted to the window and threw back the curtains, hardly noticing the blinding sun as she yanked it open. “Where the hell are you?” Her voice cracked with a mixture of sadness and anger- had someone entered her home? Or was she simply losing her mind? Because she worked nights, she mostly slept during the day and after many years her body had adjusted to the schedule. Yet on her days off- when she attempted to switch to a “normal” sleeping arrangement, she would toss and turn until she finally gave up on sleep- propping herself up in a chair and drowning her troubled mind in mindless television.

Rushing out of her bedroom, she carefully searched every corner of the small, dull apartment. Even after she had confirmed that no one was lurking in the shadows- the feeling never left her- indicated by the goose bumps that were raised upon her flesh. Out of breath and mostly annoyed, she plopped down on a stool in front of the counter and slowly fell forward until her face was pressed against the hard marble.

Mulling over her options, she concluded she needed to snap out of it- to be productive on her day off rather than chase ghosts. Normally she would spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom- fixing her hair and makeup just right-but today she didn’t feel like worrying about unnecessary appearances. It took her no longer than ten minutes to shower and pull back her long, damp curls into a high bun. Another five minutes and she was fully dressed, donning a pair of jeans and a red t-shirt. From what she had seen the weather was moderately warm- and even if it wasn’t the town was incredibly small and it never took much time to walk anywhere.

First stop? Coffee, any form of it, which meant she had two options.

Deciding quickly on Granny’s, Marilyn gathered what she needed- her purse, wallet, keys and phone and headed out the door. With one last sweep of the room, she frowned- a deep sigh falling from her lips. Feeling rather ridiculous, she slammed the door shut and turned the key in the lock four times before she was satisfied that it was safe and secure.

Well…. secure at least.

Just as predicted, the weather was perfect as she exited the building and scuffled down the sidewalk, digging her sunglasses out of her purse and placing them over her eyes. No one really noticed her as they passed- she supposed she looked rather different in “plain clothes”- generally decked out in low cut dresses and plastered in make-up. Rounding the corner, Marilyn mindlessly made her way into Granny’s, settling down at the counter for faster service. After ordering a pot of coffee, she pressed one hand to her temples, massaging the area with her fingers , using her other hand to open the menu.

Hopefully it could only go up from here.

“There's nothing that I'd take back,
But it's hard to say there's nothing I regret…”
Silhouettes- Of Monsters and Men
Aug 15 2014, 03:18 PM
“When will I begin
To live again…..”

Mary’s fragile hand slowly ran across the tattered page, her breath caught in her throat as her fingers shook. The words scrawled underneath her skin where worn with age, her mind filling in the blanks where the ink failed. The small book held every memory of her meager existence; the joyful and the melancholy, the beautiful intertwined with the darkness. This simple book, bound with leather and strings barely holding it together, was so anything but simple. Appearances could truly be deceiving, a book special to only her.

Inside was her heart. Her song.

And now, as she sat nervously at her desk, she was planning to give it away! Not on a whim, mind you. Weeks upon weeks the opportunity had arisen, leaving Mary scolding herself each time she missed the opportunity. Deep within her carpetbag the book had rested, calling out to her. Honestly, she had no need for it, other than the object itself. The emotions written inside were a part of her, the deepest part of her soul. Each time the moment seemed perfect, her mind would retreat as she placed another wall around her heart.

Staring at the page until her eyes went cross, she nervously tapped her foot. The sound echoed throughout the silent house, making it sound all the more ominous. The bright color of her dress, abnormal for her wardrobe, reflected in the mirror beside the desk. Catching her reflection, gray eyes met the material, red. What a ridiculous color, she most often thought. But the shade brought a smile to her lips, replaced immediately by a frown. One more outburst like that and she’d most certainly have to change. Gaze lingering on the mirror, looking past it, the color only shining through.


Even the name sent something similar to butterflies loose in her stomach, turning her usual stern expression soft. A man she hardly knew, yet knew so deeply it was beyond her imagination. Despite a few rather awkward moments, she enjoyed their time together more than anything she had done in years. Intelligent and kind, slowly she began to open her heart to his, allowing him to see a side of Mary she had forgotten existed. These glimpses would often be replaced immediately with the proper Mary, the Mary that was sealed off from the world. Soon, he would leave her behind, off on his own grand adventure. What else could she do but say goodbye? Becoming closer couldn’t be an option. The land of Atlantis called his name, real or not, and there was no way she would get in the way of his dreams.

Drifting her mind back, she sang out loud the first line of the first song in the book, barely legible on the page. ” One day I'll fly away….” A soft breeze carried her voice out the open window and in return the wind sang back a memory from long ago……

“ELISE! You give that back!” A shrill voice rang through the halls, attracting the attention of dozens of dirty faces. They knew the voice all too well, the voice belonging to Mary Poppins. The children, some not much younger than Mary herself, froze in place and nervously looked around for the girl being called. Whispers passed between their lips, not wishing to upset her. Though Mary was always fair with them, they feared her temper. Only 12 years of age, she was a firecracker, practically in charge of all the other children. Small and frail, the girl held power over them, a magic in which they were unaware.

Mary slowly stepped in the midst of the group, inspecting each face. “Elise Lorins! Now do you think a family will ever want you if they hear you are a thief?” A tone with years beyond her own dripped scornfully off her tongue. Such bitterness at a young age was a sign of the times; many children had been abandoned on these doorsteps. Raised by nuns, strict and cruel, Mary felt no sympathy for her fellow orphans. Life was tough; no one was given a free ride. If these children expected anything out of their lives beyond these walls they would understand this.

Life was not a joke, not something to be taken lightly. They must earn their place, not expect it.

“Is it not polite to take someone else’s belongings. I’m sure Sister Penelope would agree.” A soft gasp swept over the group, as they slowly moved away from where the girl in question was hiding. Taking two long strides to meet the grubby thief, Mary snatched the item from her trembling hands. Bending down, she put her face next to Elise’s ear to make sure no one else could hear her. “I forgive you Elise, but remember you hurt my feelings.” Mary could never be cruel, only truthful.

Her fingers curled gratefully around the leather book, a weight lifted off her heart. As stupid as it seemed, this book was left with her as a child, an empty journal. Inside her father had scribbled two simple words, “For Dreams”. No other inscription gave her any clues to who her parents may be or how she would ever find them. All she knew was that they had left there, hoping another family could provide a better life than they ever could.

None of the families had liked her. None had accepted her stand offish behavior, her strange humor and her obsession with cleanliness. Some were annoyed, some completely off put. The life her parents had sought for her would only be accomplished when she was old enough to leave this place, explore the world on her own terms. Dismissing the large crowd that had gathered, Mary retreated to her bed, which was separated a bit from all the others. The nuns put trust in this young woman, knowing her head was screwed on far too properly.

Lowering down onto the thin mattress, she set the book in her lap and looked at the cover. Never had she written in the book, her father’s words the only ones it held. Though she had many ideas, nothing ever seemed worthy or important enough about her life to write down. The sun was barely setting, attracting her gray eyes. A soft sigh escaped her lips, tapping her fingers over the soft binding. As the colors in the horizon swirled and mingled, music filled her mind. The nuns only allowed music during service, and all must be in praise of the Lord. Even at her age, Mary could not fathom any sort of a Savior above, but tradition warranted the behavior.

Yet often she felt a song in her heart, and during play she would make up songs for the younger children. Mary didn’t think much of them, brushing aside the silly notions and made up words. But something about the sky in that very moment made her wish she could fly away with the wind, singing all the way. Inspired, she found that her body was shaking. Scrambling, the search for something to write with began.

Once obtained, she lifted the tip to the first page, words flowing that she hardly knew were in her.

I follow the night
Can't stand the light
When will I begin
To live again?

One day I'll fly away
Leave all this to yesterday
What more could your love do for me?
When will love be through with me?
Why live life from dream to dream....
And dread the day when dreaming ends?

One day I'll fly away
Leave all this to yesterday
Why live life from dream to dream...
And dread the day when dreaming ends?

One day I'll fly away
Fly, fly...away

And within a moment the words had filled the page, sealed in ink, written in long beautiful strokes. Breathless, the book fell from her lap, landing with a soft thud on the hard ground below. Warm tears filled her eyes, threatening to spill down her pale cheeks. Where had that come from? Hardly did she ever allow her feelings free, bottling them up or pushing them out. Who would she tell them to? The nuns would simply tell her she was foolish; a stupid girl who needed to focus on her work. Frustrated, her hands flew to her face, angrily wiping at the tears that stung her cheeks and caught her throat.

Disgusting, disgusting emotions. Worthless, useless emotions. Where would tears get her in life? Mary picked up the blue book with her now wet hands, pressing it underneath a pillow, not bothering to open it again. Refusing to look out the window again, she regained her composure with a loud huff.

As she finished her song, Mary eyes had drifted forward, looking nowhere in particular. Blinking, she cleared her throat and shook her head. Lately she had found herself caught in a daydream more often than she liked. Milo was the reason; feeling as if anything was possible with him by her side; thoughts had begun to fill her mind of a bright future. A childlike vision, to be sure, with him standing loyally at her side. Never could she express herself in words, it was a wonder she could even carry on a conversation with the man! Something in his eyes told her to trust him, and she did.

Fate was a fickle and cruel wench, twisting and turning people’s emotions for her own pleasure. There was also the fact that many years ago, less for her than for him; she had cradled him as an infant, comforting him as a mother should during one of the hardest moments in a child’s life…..A moment in which she could never speak of.

Struggling with each feeling, she slammed the book closed, standing up with it in her grasp. How could she consider this? Clutching onto the book, she brought it to her heart, hugging it fiercely as if it were a living being. Her heartbeat was so strong she believed for a moment it would burst free. Spinning for no particular reason, Mary landed on the bed, almost forgetting the time ticking away. The clock was telling her to go, but her bones felt as if they were made of lead.

By giving him this of all the gifts in the world, Mary was opening herself up for complete and utter ruin. Even if Milo accepted such an impractical and foolish gesture, soon he would depart, leaving this world and anything they were behind. What did they even mean? That is if there was even a they to be had! They had no ties to one another, no investments.

Oh how she knew that to be a lie. [coor=maroon] “Liar!”[/color] Scolding herself, some part of her body made her sit up, still grasping the book so tightly that her knuckles had turned white. What did she have to fear? Why did she fear it so greatly? Trembling, she let go of the book with one hand and straightened out her red skirt.


That color which she now adored. Shining in her eyes each time they met. Would he find her foolish for such a dramatic display? Such an obvious act of emotion, of feeling? The dress and the book in the same evening, this was unknown territory. The woman who prided herself on reason, led by logic in every area of her life wasn’t using her head. She saw the admiration in his eyes for who she was, would this ruin his view of her?

Overthinking as usual, Mary allowed herself to look in the mirror again. Embarrassed by her reflection, she seemed nothing like the confident woman she prided herself to be. Breathing deeply, she let the air soothe and calm the jumbled thoughts.

“Only one way to find out Poppins”. With that, she tore her eyes away from her reflection and turned her feet to the door.

Before she changed her mind.

Why live life from dream to dream....
And dread the day when dreaming ends?

{Song to the melody of that by Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge...}
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