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Elliott Winters


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Feb 25 2015, 01:36 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style=" width: 400; color: #00000; font-family: georgia; font-size: 11px; line-height:100%; text-align:justify; text-transform: ;">

In the days following Charlotte's departure from Honeysuckle, Elliot spent his days wandering around town moping and wallowing in self-pity when he wasn't working. He was hurt that she hadn't asked him to come with her, though he tried to keep in mind that she hadn't told him to stay away either. He was bored without her, and none of the things he had done to amuse himself before meeting her entertained him for long. Elliot even lurked around the houses of some of Charlotte's former would-be suitors and made their doorsteps ice over, then watched as they fell on their asses. That satisfied him enough he didn't create a huge storm to bury the town in snow and ice, but it didn't truly make him happy. As the days wore on, the town seemed more and more like it was slowly strangling the life out of him. Though he and Charlotte were still in touch, she wasn't actually there and it wasn't the same thing at all. Not even close.<p>

So Elliott did what he usually did when he felt out of place in a particular town or city, and moved on. Only this time, he didn't just close his eyes and throw a dart at a random place on a map the way he had chosen where to go in the past. This time, he had a specific place in mind. He was going to Maine this time, to a tiny town with an almost sickeningly quaint name. He packed his bags, glad he never bothered much with material things outside of necessities like clothes and grooming things and whatnot. The keys to his apartment were turned in, his final pay from the bar he was currently working at collected, and a bus ticket purchased.<p>

He had slept the majority of the trip north, and as a result was wide awake by the time he finally made it to Storybrooke. Or maybe it was the sense of magic he picked up on as soon as he crossed the town line that made him so wide awake. This was highly unexpected. He wondered if Charlotte was aware of just what sort of place this was. Well, he would find out soon enough he was sure. After asking some questions of the townsfolk, Elliott made his way to the local bed and breakfast and checked himself into a room. After a (much needed) shower and change of clothes, he went in search of Charlotte. During one of their conversations, she had told him where she was staying. He had little trouble finding the place. When he got there, he put a small square of electrical tape over the keyhole and knocked.<p>

In the moments before she opened the door, his heart and stomach fluttered anxiously. Would she even be home? Would she have company? More specifically, would she have male company? He hoped if she had company, it would be female company. He knew he wouldn't react well if she had a guy in there with her. Oh. Flowers. He should have brought flowers. Or chocolate. Or... well... something. Ah, well. Too late now. When she finally opened the door, he grinned at her with every bit of cocky self-confidence he could muster up and held his arms open. "Surprise" he said, making his tone match his smile and hiding the anxiety he felt.[/dohtml]
Feb 20 2015, 05:53 PM

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♠ Squish ♠</font><p>
<font style="padding: 4px; font-family: 'Pirata One', cursive; font-size: 30px;line-height: 150%; letter-spacing: -2px; color: #222222; text-shadow: 1px 0px 0px #000000; word-spacing: -2px; text-align: center">
Female ♣ EST ♣ PM</font></center>

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✘ The cold never bothered me anyway ✘ <br>

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<div class="titleline">full name:</div>
<div class="answer">Elliott Jace Winters</div>
<div class="titleline">nickname(s):</div>
<div class="answer">El (only allowed by Charlotte). He is also known as Jack Frost, Grandfather Winter, Father Frost, Jokul Frosti, and Old Man Winter depending on the part of the world you're in... but Charlotte doesn't know this.</div>
<div class="titleline">age:</div>
<div class="answer">Actual age unknown (previously immortal), appears to be around 24.</div>
<div class="titleline">occupation:</div>
<div class="answer">Bartender</div>
<div class="titleline">sexuality:</div>
<div class="answer">Heterosexual</div>
<div class="titleline">face claim:</div>
<div class="answer">Nathaniel Buzolic</div>
<div class="titleline">Species:</div>
<div class="answer">Nature spirit</div>


<div style="width: 180px; height: 300px; padding: 5px; overflow: auto;">

<div class="titleline">Fears</div>
<div class="answer">

~Fire (More specifically, being stuck in a building that is on fire. He doesn't know how that would interact with his magic and doesn't want to test it.)<br>
~Losing Charlotte<br>
~Losing his magic<br>
~Acknowledging his real feelings for Charlotte<br>
~Becoming impotent (hey, he is male, after all)

<div class="titleline">Magic:</div>
<div class="answer">Immune to cold (passive); Control over ice and snow (active) </div>

<div class="titleline">likes:</div>
<div class="answer">
♞ Charlotte<p>
♞ His magic<p>
♞ Pranks<p>
♞ Defying authority<p>
♞ Winter<p>
♞ Pushing peoples' buttons<p>
♞ Hot chocolate<p>
♞ Peppermint bark<p>
♞ Evergreen trees<p>
♞ Sci-Fi/Fantasy things<p>
<div class="titleline">dislikes:</div>
<div class="answer">
♞ People not Charlotte<p>
♞ Authority figures<p>
♞ Rules<p>
♞ Summer unless he gets to see Charlotte in a bikini<p>
♞ Other men trying to flirt with Charlotte<p>
♞ Pears<p>
♞ Restrictive clothing<p>
♞ People with sticks up their butts no sense of humour<p>
♞ People with no sense of adventure<p>
♞ Manual labour<p>


<div class="titleline">HISTORY</div>
<div class="answer">
He came into being a long time ago, in the Enchanted Forest. So long ago not even he knows when or how. See... unlike most people, he didn't have parents. There is a legend about him claiming that he's the son of the North Wind and a water spirit. There are others saying he is the very essence of either the North Wind or Winter (depending on who you ask and where you are in the world) given consciousness and form. There is one saying he was once a mortal human child who died during the winter and was given new life by the North Wind, granting him immortality, immunity to cold, and control over winter weather. Maybe one of these stories is the true one. Maybe it's a completely different story. Or maybe... just maybe... he came into being after people started telling stories about him. Maybe their stories, their beliefs, gave shape and consciousness to a spirit that didn't have either before. In any case, as time went on, he primarily became known as Jack Frost. His days were spent making mischief for his own enjoyment and that of others. Mostly. There were times when he would become angry or full of despair at not having a companion, and would unleash the full fury of his powers. Some of the worst winter storms in known history are his doing. Though he did occasionally meet and interact with others, such times were rare and lasted little more than the blink of an eye. Immortality was more of a burden than people realized. Though he could be killed by an enchanted weapon and by certain kinds of magic, he would never die of old age or disease.<p>

In a moment when his loneliness was starting to become a burden again, he came across a portal. He had encountered a few of them before, but had never gone through one. Curiosity started to replace the loneliness, and he stepped through it. This proved to be fortuitous timing, on his part. Not long after he went through the portal, a curse was cast that he almost certainly would have been swept up in had he remained.
The first thing he noticed about the world he found himself in was the noise and smell of it. Strange metal contraptions that roared like dragons and belched noxious fumes from their back ends. More humans than he had seen in his very long life all crammed into one place. It was overwhelming at first, as accustomed as he was to the sounds of nature and the crisp clean scent of the air of his homeland. A glance over his shoulder revealed no sign of the portal he had come through. He could sense the lingering magic of it, but it was closed. At least from this side, it was closed. Even so, he wasn't worried. His magic... drawn from nature itself... remained strong within him, and he could create a haven for himself if he needed to. Once the initial shock wore off, he started exploring. This new world had a great many delights, and he wanted to discover them all.<p>

He hadn't been in this new world very long... a week, two, maybe a month at most... when he felt a sudden shift in the fabric of reality. He couldn't tell exactly what it was. His own powers didn't extend that far, being centered around wintery weather, but he could definitely tell that something had changed. He still had his immortality, and he still had his own magic. But the magic was different somehow. It was impossible for him to identify all the details, but one thing was readily apparent. He could barely even sense other realms, let alone actually touch them. Only his innate connection to the land let him even sense a flicker of those realms. It was as though a glass wall had been built between himself and them. For the first time in his life, he felt real fear. What would happen to him if he lost his magic? He didn't know, and didn't like the prospect of being stuck in a strange world for eternity with no way of defending himself or making his own way.<p>

Fortunately, he was a quick learner. It didn't take him long to figure out that people here didn't believe in magic, and that if he told people the truth about where he had come from he would be brushed off as a madman. Any open display of his power would result in people thinking it was only an illusion at best. So he took on the name 'Elliott Winters', and told a half-truth about growing up without any parents if anyone asked about his past. He learned a little about a lot of things, moving on and taking up a different job every few years. He stayed on the move for the most part, always going somewhere new before people could start noticing he wasn't aging the way they were. Twenty years or so after his arrival in this world, that changed. He noticed he had in fact begun to age. His appearance when he first arrived was that of a fourteen year old boy. Now he looked closer to sixteen or seventeen. Being cut off so completely from the realm he came from and the magic that had created him resulted in the loss of his immortality. He was now aging like anyone else. And he could now be harmed by normal weapons, on top of that. He tested that by cutting his palm open with a kitchen knife. He still bears the scar from that.<p>

Though he continued to move around out of sheer habit, his nomadic ways changed a few years ago, when he met Charlotte. She was the first person in this world that he had really liked. Most people he only tolerated, because most people were uptight and annoying. But Charlotte... she was different. She was more like him. It didn't take long for them to become inseparable. Elliott ended up staying in Honeysuckle longer than he had stayed anywhere else. He stayed longer than was safe for him, and yet he couldn't make himself leave. He couldn't bring himself to abandon her. He told himself it was just that they had shared so many good times, that she was the first and only real friend he had had in his long existence. Any time she ended up in the town jail, nine times out of ten he was right there with her. But it was never his fault. Okay, maybe sometimes. Alright, alright. A lot of the time. He tended to get cocky, and while he was pretty sure he could bust himself out of jail if he wanted to he wouldn't leave Charlotte in there alone if he could help it. So he stayed, and amused himself with minor and easily-explained away uses of his power.<p>

More than once, he was tempted to reveal himself to Charlotte. But he never did. He was afraid she would reject him, call him a nutjob, tell him to never come near her again. He was afraid that she would be afraid of him, afraid of what he could do. So he kept his mouth shut and went on pretending to be a human who was undeniably odder than the rest, but still human. During the course of their friendship, Elliott started taking a dislike to other men flirting with her or displaying more than a friendly interest in her. He didn't recognize the feeling as jealousy. He only knew he didn't like it and that the notion of her being with another man in that way made him feel sick. So he did anything and everything he could to drive the men away. Creating small patches of ice under their feet so they would slip and fall. Freezing their car doors shut. Going by their houses at night, and freezing their pipes to make them burst. Giving them frostbite on a certain sensitive spot of their anatomy. Anything and everything that came into his head short of just encasing them in a solid block of ice and pushing them over.<p>

Twenty eight years after that first shift in reality, he felt a similar shift. It took him a moment to realize that he could once again sense other realms. Not as strongly as before, but more strongly than he could after that first shift. He still couldn't influence them with his magic at all, but he could sense them. The best analogy he could compare it to was something being knocked off-kilter then being set to rights again as much as possible but with something too badly bent out of shape for it to ever really go back to what it had been. He filed it away in the back of his mind to ponder over later.<p>

Then Charlotte told him she was moving to Storybrooke. She didn't tell him he wasn't welcome, and she did tell him to keep in touch. But she didn't invite him to tag along, either. He stayed in Honeysuckle for maybe a week after Charlotte left before deciding to see what this Storybrooke was about. He had already stayed in town longer than he meant to, and it was more than time to move on. Besides, without Charlotte there was nothing really keeping him in that town. So he packed up what little he owned and hopped a bus to Maine... and hoped that Charlotte would be happy he had followed her rather than upset with him.


<div class="titleline">Personality</div>
<div class="answer"> Elliott is... to put it bluntly... an immature arsehole with a crass sense of humor, as far as most people are concerned. He has little to no respect for authority figures... who he sees as too full of their own self-importance and too fond of throwing their weight around for their own good. He says nearly everything that pops into his head, without thought as to whether or not someone might get offended or hurt by it. Tact is not something he ever learned how to use. He is impulsive and reckless (which he likes to refer to as 'spontaneous and adventurous'), and rarely thinks about the consequences before acting. That being said, Elliott is rarely deliberately malicious. Sure he likes to tweak the noses of authority figures such as law enforcement officers, but he doesn't usually bring real physical harm to someone on purpose. Mostly, he's only malicious to any male he sees flirting with Charlotte or trying to get romantically involved with her. Where she's concerned, he is undeniably jealous and a touch possessive though he stubbornly refuses to admit even to himself how he feels about her and passes his actions off as being protective of her or looking out for her.<p>

Though his faults are many, Elliott is not a bad guy. He really does care about Charlotte, and he does have a few other friends too that he likewise genuinely cares about... just in a slightly different way. Those who can get past his snarky mouth and cocky attitude will find him a loyal friend, willing to do what it takes to protect the admittedly few people he cares about. He can be quick to anger if someone threatens or harms someone he cares about, and would have no hesitation in killing them if given an opportunity. Mostly, though, he just likes to have a good time and to see the people around him having a good time. Okay, so his methods of going about it leave something to be desired, but that tends to happen when one doesn't have parents. Maybe one day he'll grow out of his childishness. Or maybe not. He has been around a very long time now, and hasn't grown out of it yet.


<div class="titleline">RP Sample</div>
<div class="answer"> See Robin Hood</div>

<div class="titleline">Writing Style</div>
<div class="answer"> See Robin Hood </div>
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