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 Dreams of Neverland, Pan Solo
Peter Pan
 Posted: Aug 9 2014, 05:37 AM
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Timeline- Pan is about 10-11ish Here
[Occ: As with all villains say hello the sad Origin back story. After all dearies villains are made and not born ]

The young boy's world had been torn asunder only just a month ago, he had been born to a loving father, or so he had thought, he even has his older brother Albert, they got on like a house on fire really, everything had been fine for the two boys and the whole family, they had grown up to try and love and protect each other, to look out for one another. What he didn't realize was how cruel and cold his father really was, how much he had gone and withdrawn into darkness since his mother died giving birth to him. He never realized his father gambled or just threw his money away, even though he worked he would end up throwing his money away.

The family was a rather strong unit, if one was to ask Malcolm last year as well as his older brother, if they were to ask what they thought of his family, they would say that they had the best dad ever, though Albert being two years Malcolm's elder had always felt something was up, whereas Malcolm always did stuff with his dad, felt loved and protected, he idolized his father and felt the man could do no wrong at all, in fact he wanted to be exactly like him when he was older. Sadly though this ideal for the boy, his dream had been broken and stomped into the mud, and his perfect view of his father destroyed utterly obliterated.

Malcolm would never be able to see his father and Brother ever again, he was torn from his family, and he was only 10 years old. What had happened to cause this? Why was he now separated from his family, what had happened to destroy this tight family unit? It was due to the darkness in his dad's heart which had begun to take root, he had ended up killing someone, though no one actually knew this, he had also been getting swamped by debts, debts that went further than his budget. There was one debt which he owed to a Blacksmith but he went back to gamble again and the debt went even further, this time the Blacksmith decided to raise the debt as there was nothing else, he said one of his sons for wiping the debt. His father had blamed him for his wife's death secretly on Malcolm. So He said yes, instead of gambling he gave his own son up to the blacksmith.

The next day he had been brought to the blacksmith's and left, there was no explanation nothing, he just was left there and calling after his dad. "Papa no!" He had cried running after him only to be pulled back by the Blacksmith man, the man comforted the boy but did not let him go. "Please Papa don't leave me!" The boy cried out desperately trying to get out of the blacksmiths arms, but he couldn't no matter how much he tried, there was tears in his eyes. "Papa what did I do wrong!" He shouted, the man not once turned his back as he walked away and then around the corner. "PAPAAAAAAAAAAA!" He cried out before suddenly falling to the floor crying, silently the blacksmith making sure he was all right and taking him inside to his new room.

He never got to see his Papa or his brother again after that, they never once visited, though his brother never found out and by the time he knew, his brother Albert fell down a portal to the land without magic. Malcolm was alone with a very strict blacksmith for company, the man known as Steven Grim's though was kind and understanding enough, but any hint of weakness, or disobedience, or not doing his job, and he would be slapped or hit with a cane. He got food and a good bed, but that was it really. For the first few days the boy cried his eyes out, and the blacksmith let him be, but he was soon made to work in the shop learning the trade, he was always quiet when he worked and was somewhat frightened of the black smith, even if he was a slightly kind, he was not really a comfort.

Over the last few days Malcolm had been working hard his fingers were red raw, his eyes showed the tiredness and on his back wherethe marks from the beatings he took from the cane, his hair had already, grown over his eyes, and he looked incredibly tired still not used the hard work, sweating over the coals. He was told he would get used to it, but he wasn't sure, he just wanted to go to sleep, but he knew if he collapsed on the floor he would get another beating, and be right back up on his feet again. He was not allowed to sleep until night time. When important customers came he had to make himself scarce, it was one of the few times he could get out and explore but even then he had to come back, he was resigned to the fact he would be there forever.

He did long to see his family again and part of him felt that this was some sort of punishment, that he had done something wrong to displease his father, that one day he would come back pinch his nose and ask him what he had learned. His dad never came, neither did his brother. He sat there every early morning on the seat outside the blacksmiths before the blacksmith got up, he would sit and wait for his dad to come back around the corner and hope, but every day it did not happen, and every day the boy felt lost, every day the boys hopes broke piece by piece, his soul began to be torn in two and his heart darkened, as a small part of him realized he had been abandoned. As the days went by, he began sitting outside less and less, hope began to erode, as he realized that no one he knew was coming for him, he would never see his father again. He still held it though that hope, that something would happen, that his life would take a better turn.

There was one time that the ten year old Malcolm could find his piece and hope, the only time he felt solace and it was never in a person, by people he was just viewed of as dirt, someone to kick if they were not pleased with the work. No the only time he felt solace was in dreams.

Dreams of a beautiful far of land, full of magical wonders even better than the Enchanted Forest, in this place he could think any lovely thought and it would happen, in Neverland the little boy could do anything he wanted, be whatever he wanted to be the, it was his kingdom his shield and his sword, it was his home and castle.

Tonight the boy was sleeping he had cried himself to sleep like he had done every night so far, "I miss my papa," he had cried quietly to himself, before speaking again. "Albert please find me, big brother please take me away," that was the last think he said before he put another scratch on his bedroom wall and cried himself to sleep.

Now he was in Neverland in his dreams, this time though there was another boy with him and he looked like Albert, he wasn't Albert though, but they talked all the time in the dream, they flew around the island seeing who could out race the other, they took pixie dust from the trees to go faster. they laughed and jested. Then they went for a swim, the next thing they did was eat as much cake as possible, and they didn't even get sick, Malcolm ate the fastest. They played together having fun, just being boys having a laugh. It felt real and right as they began to sword play seeing who was better, they duelled all day and night in Neverland. Pretending for a moment to be pirates, "Avast, I have you now."

Then it was over as soon as he had began the brief respite was done, the cockerels crowed their morning song and Pan woke up and his brightened at the early day, and he jumped out of bed, maybe today is the day I go home, he rand down the stairs and sat out the front waiting excitedly for hours more waiting for his Papa or Brother, he waited and waited, but no one came. His face fell and his heart broke all over again, the defeated by stood up no longer able to sit and turned his head to the floor trudging into the shop again.

"Please please Papa tell me what I did wrong, come find me," The boy whispered out all tears had dried up now there was no more left to give, as he just trudged into the shop. Hopefully his next dream of Neverland would be even better than the last.

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