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 Anastasia's Wants
Anastasia Romanov
 Posted: Aug 2 2014, 09:51 AM
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Name: Dimitri Markin (Last name can be changed)

Storybrooke Name: (You can decide)

Age: 25 or 26

Play By: Chris Evans

Dimitri and Anastasia have a long history together. As a child, Anastasia would prank and smart talk everyone in the castle. This was the same if not more for the kitchen boy. Something can happen where he has to leave the palace for a while (could be where he learns to live on the wild side, since he is a con artist in the movie but he doesn't have to be.)

They end up reuniting at their save house, where instead of her being like she was before she is changed and they actually form a relationship.

One night, he overhears a guard talking about the execution that is to come to the Royal family. Dimitri makes a deal with (TBD) and receives a magic bean that he uses on himself and Anastasia. On the other side of the portal Dimitri is not with Anastasia.

They can be reunited in Storybrooke. TAKEN

robb stark

grigori rasputin

Name: Grigori Rasputin

Storybrooke Name: (You can decide)

Age: 30

Play By: Tom Hiddleston

Rasputin was once a trusted ally in the Romanov family. He was a trusted doctor to the family and a friend to Anastasia's mother. He came into the family when Anastasia was 17. He became close with the Romanov family. Spending time with all of her siblings. Something drew him to the young Anastasia and caused him to place a hypnotic spell on her that would have an allure of love around her. Not only is this 'spell' over Anastasia, but it is over her mother as well. It caused her to keep Rasputin in the Royal Family.

In addition to his 'spell' over Anastasia and her mother, he also plays influence in things happening in Camelot and other kingdoms. While he is living in the land without magic, he uses illusions and hypnosis to make his 'spells' seem real while in the Enchanted Forest he uses actual magic. (See Henry for more information, or Camelot Want Add)

Once the 'spell' is broken he is banished from the kingdom and plays a huge role in the fall of the Romanov's empire, after which he is killed. However, he somehow (up to you) ends up alive and is in Storybrooke.


robb stark

For both of the Want Ad's please read: Anastasia Romanov's Application

Update: Dimitri has been taken
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