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 Rules, Read them or a dragon might eat you...
 Posted: Jul 18 2014, 03:37 AM
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01. Respect the staff. We uphold this rule as staff should not be disrespectful to you. If you have a problem with a staff member, PM that staff member and explain to them what he/she/they did to cause you to become irate. If the problem persists or undue action is taken against you contact either the head admin or co-admin and explain the situation. We want to hear both sides, not just the staffer's.

You can contact Jojo on AIM at jdoolan42087@gmail.com -Head Admin// Best contact

OR simply send a PM to any staff member for help!

02. Follow the rules. They are in place for a reason, breaking the rules can come with serious consequences and as much as we want to have fun sometimes a ban must be made or a warning given out. For the most part, as long as you don't step on other people's toes, put them down, become verbally abusive, ect this shouldn't even be a problem. If you are considerate and respectful of those around you then you should get on just fine.

03. Use our templates when posting your character. Please don't just grab a random template from somewhere else. This may seem like common sense but let us say this is a rule for a reason.

Note: Speaking of templates, some of our site graphics have a particular size they must be at in order for the forum to appear neat and orderly. All avatars must be 250x350 pixels, or else the mini profile does not look spick and span.

04. We have a zero drama tolerance policy. It is fine to complain a bit about your day, it is fine to have a bad day and seek comfort in others, just please do not make it a constant thing to the point you bring everyone around you down or run them out of the cbox. Also, please refrain from comments that could single people out- for example "Have you posted yet?" or any other topics that may concern individual members. If you need to talk to someone, private message someone. Do not put people on the spot. We are all here for a good time, but people do things at their own pace. Many members have AIM or other forms of chat comm and that is a good way to discuss any questions, comments, plotting, etc!

If we as admins/mods decide we have seen any member exhibiting this behavior we have the right to ban that member for X amount of days depending on the severity. We want to keep our forum fun and respectful for all and proper cbox etiquette is expected of our members. Remember we are all adults here and are expected to act as such.

Also, do not discuss any of the content of Pm's received by staff or other members in the cbox. Private messaging is to be private and is the intention of using such form of communication.

SIDE NOTE: Religion and politics should NEVER enter the cbox or the site's discussions. Easy drama llamas are to be had with those and such topics can divide people far too easily. Please leave those topics elsewhere, if you wish to discuss them privately go for it, just please don't drag them up publicly.

05. Admins have the final say on what will or will not be allowed. We will compromise, we will work with you, we will help you with what you need but we can only go so far on all of that. If you get belligerent or continue pressing for something we have already said will not be allowed it makes us want you help you less and less and your requests may end up becoming outright ignored because of this. Please remember that while we have to deny some things it doesn't mean we hate you or even dislike you, it means that for the sake of continuity on the boards, plot reasons, or balance of a character's personal power we cannot allow it. We will not just say "no" and leave it at that, you WILL be given the reasons why we won't allow something so that you are given a fair chance to compromise with us for something else or a variation of what you wanted that is more reasonable.

06. While it may seem like common sense, NO godmodding, powerplaying or metagaming. Normally one might think that this would be common sense, but common sense is, ironically, not all that common. A character will never dodge every single attack while having all of theirs hit unless there is a severe gap in character skill levels, and even then that is pushing it. If you are caught doing this, you will be warned. While powerplaying and godmodding are usually limited to combat scenarios, though, metagaming can happen anywhere and will be treated just as carefully. A character cannot know a piece of information without having learned it In Character first unless it is common knowledge – if this pertains to the past of another character, ask the player first.

07. Forever After operates on liquid time. This means you can have your character(s) involved in more than one thread at a time but they must be at different points in time. They do not have to be strictly in chronological order but it is up to the player to keep track of their characters and their timelines.

08. Keep IC and OOC separate! do not EVER let an IC argument bleed over into OOC or vice versa! Anyone caught breaking this rule will get a formal warning. Second offense is an immediate ban. Do not ever take your OOC frustrations out on a player or character IC and versa vice. This is not only cruel but petty as well. Don't be that kind of person I beg of you. We are not our characters, I cannot stress this enough. If someone annoys you IC just remember it is likely how their character is not how they see you. If there is an issue with someone bringing IC into OOC or the reverse please contact staff and let us know so we can deal with it accordingly!

09. No gods. Celestial beings are a maybe at best. We don't allow gods because they can quickly become OP and they become EASY bandwagons to jump on and suddenly there's an entire pantheon dancing about the boards while we have a whole list of canon roles we probably kinda need to be filled. Please don't beg for exceptions to this one, the answer is and will be no, sorry.

10. Don't drink the Haterade, it is bad for you. Do not make racial slurs, hate speech, or otherwise discriminatory remarks about another member or character for any reason. Even in jest these can often be taken the wrong way and we like to pride ourselves on being an inclusive community. We accept all people of all walks of life. Regardless of race, religion, creed, gender identity, sexuality, whatever, we are ALL human and we all bleed and experience pain. Some can handle more than others and some can't handle much at all so please, be respectful of all our members whether you like them or not, if you don't like someone that's okay. We don't expect everyone to be best pals but we do expect you to retain a certain amount of civility when you cannot simply avoid them.

11. If you have a mental health issue (or a few even) you are welcome here! To be honest, even the staff is a tad bit batty and the head admin is just a wee bit catawampus in the head so there is no reason you should feel left out! All we ask is that you PLEASE alert staff to your issues and how it might impact your interactions with others and your overall stay with us. We want you to have the best experience possible here so don't be shy. Staff will NEVER disclose any information of such issues shared with us in confidence nor will we ever poke fun at your troubles or make light of them.

12. Respect people, their choices, and their characters. Treat people the way you wish to be treated, plain and simple. If you treat someone badly you've no legs to stand on if you complain when they treat you badly right back. Be kind to one another, if not at least be considerate and civil. Don't handle a character how you wouldn't want someone to handle your own ie powerplaying or godmodding. Don't push plots, respect the other players' choices especially if they don't want a ship or plot with you. Don't tell others how to play their characters, it is not your role to fill and if you don't like where they are taking the character you may drop rps with them and move on. If you need an IC reason to be able to do so find one, plot something out, and try not to worry too much about it. If you feel you need to drop a character to be able to ICly avoid someone whom you don't wish contact with please get in touch with staff and we will help sort the issues out.

13. Learn how far is "too far". Certain subjects can make certain people uncomfortable, please be aware of how your conversation may effect others ie don't make sexual jokes or joking sexual advances to someone who CLEARLY does not want it. Rape jokes are not tolerated here either. It is not a subject to take lightly and it should never be made fun of so casually. This applies to OOC, IC can be iffy but a sideways allusion in a history or an IC flashback/memory can hardly be said to be a joke and it is an ugly truth writers sometimes like to shine an ugly light on in a less direct way. That said, also understand that "No" does not in any way translate to "Yes" and "stop" does not mean "continue".

14. No site bashing//wars with other sites. We know that many people join from other sites- which is wonderful, we welcome everyone! But here at FA our goal is to create a community of talented individuals focused on writing and creating a positive environment for all. Please do not bring hatred or malcontent for other sites into the Cbox OOC or IC. This creates unnecessary issues- if you have personal problems with members on other sites please keep them to yourself or to private chat. Yes, we are all human, we know it’s going to happen- but if it comes up the Board Police will address it immediately. The first time you will receive a warning and a reminder of boards’ rules. From there if the problem persists and we see it again- your characters will be put on suspension. If we cannot work something out- we will have to remove you from our site in order to maintain polite, professional, and friendly behavior with other sites. We are all online because of our love of fandom and writing- let’s keep it that way and make friends with other creative people on those sites!

15. Your privacy is very important to us! As admins and staff members- we will NEVER read your PM's to other members. This is an invasion of your privacy and will not be tolerated. Also try to keep out of personal business that does not involve you unless asked to assist the situation. If a situation arises where there is a major issue and PM's need to be investigated we will only do so with complete consent of the sender.

16. Come to staff if you can't resolve issues civilly. That means no smear campaigns against other players, no hate games, no defamation, no ranting to everyone else about how they've wronged you and you loathe them. Defamation and slander are NOT tactics to employ because you don't like someone. It has a zero tolerance here. Save that drama for off the site. You can be mad at someone, you can be upset at them, you don't even have to like them but do NOT go around telling people they should avoid so-and-so and shouldn't rp with them. More so if someone refuses to act upon your attempts to scare them away from someone else don't treat them badly, quite simply, you are not the boss of other people. If someone has made some serious infraction against you it is your job to come forward to staff and let us know what's up so we can deal with it. It is not your job to spread hate and try to tell people who they should and shouldn't talk to.

17. PAY ATTENTION! This goes for both IC and OOC. Try to pay attention to how your interactions with people are affecting them, if it feels like someone may be distancing themselves from you in the cbox or in im there may be a reason they aren't saying. Maybe you're doing something to make them uncomfortable. BE UP FRONT ABOUT YOUR ISSUES! All too many of us just find it so much easier to slink away and hide when someone is upsetting us when we could be sorting out the issues!

As for IC, pay attention to the actions in your partner's posts. Don't ignore another player's posts and just sling creative stuff about as if something or anything they did doesn't matter; it does. The point of roleplay is to interact with our characters and feelings can get hurt incredibly easily if someone feels they are having important actions or words ignored IC. With longer posts it can be all too easy to miss something or forget to react to it, in relatively short posts there is little to no excuse. Either way, if you ignore a character's actions or words the player has EVERY right to ask you to fix it as per common courtesy, refusal to do so can potentially earn a warning and possibly removal of your character if the issue becomes too common.

18. You must be eighteen years of age to join this site. Although our site does not contain explicit material- for the sake of online safety we do wish our members to be 18 years or older. Please use "fade to black" or other techniques when it comes to suggestive material on the board- keep it PG-13 ok ya pervies?:p

Final note: Anyone who feels the need to consistently argue with other members and staff, aggressively debate with staffers over their duties, badger staff for exceptions, harass or whine over a character or canon (open or taken) will be given three warnings and then finally, banned. It pains me to have to even mention this but alas, it is here for a reason like all the other rules! This place is supposed to be fun so please be considerate of other people and don't make people's stay uncomfortable!
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