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 Joining Guide, MUST read before applying!
Milo Thatch
 Posted: Jul 22 2014, 08:52 AM
Milo Thatch
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Hello potential new members and welcome to Forever After!

I gather you’re looking about at the moment, getting the feel of the place. Well don’t worry, take all the time you need! While we have you here we’ve thrown together this quick and helpful thread for you. Below you’ll find an easy and to the point, step-by-step guide on on the process of joining our wonderful community. It has helpful links to other site threads, cheeky tips and important information that will help you on your way to completing your joining application. So sit back, get comfortable and enjoy the ride:

1) Your first decision when joining the site, if you haven’t made it already, is whether or not you want to be a Canon Character or an Original Character. You may want to check out our Face Claim list to get a better idea of who’s already taken and who’s available for use; it’s important to know that Canons will already have a pre-set face-claim/play-by, which are only changeable with valid reasoning. If you’re considering a Canon then your first stop should be our beautiful Canon List, which includes all the up-to-date currently taken and free Canon Characters from the series. If you've decided on what Canon character you want, then make reservation for that character in our Canon Reserve List - but you only have two (2) weeks before your reserve runs out and the character becomes open! However, if you wish to be an Original Character instead then you should know that we primarily take characters from fairy tales, folklore, an assortment of Disney-esque films and even from history on occasion. If you’re having any difficulty at all adapting a character to our site then we have an entire team of staff dedicated to helping you smooth out that transition.

Clause to the Canon/OC Characters 01: To keep activity at a high there are limits on how many characters a person can have, which varies depending on whether you are a new member or a veteran member as well as what sort of characters you want/have. New Members are allowed one (1) Primary Canon, one (1) Secondary Canon and two (2) Original Characters. Alternately you are allowed four (4) Original Characters, if you do not have any Primary or Secondary Canons. Veteran Members are allowed one (1) Primary Canon, one (1) Secondary Canon and three (3) Original Character. All "Site Canons" within the Canon List are considered "Secondary Canons". Exceptions for additional characters may be allowed for veteran members depending on staff discretion and activity of other characters, with a one (1) month probationary period on activity.

Clause to the Canon/OC Characters 02: If you do make a character reservation and you don't feel that you'll be able to complete your characters application on time, you have a one (1) time only option to request an extension, where you will be granted one (1) additional week. This also applies for people who have posted a Leave of Absence. After that additional week is up no more extensions will be granted and the character will be open to the general public again.

Clause to the Canons/OC Characters 03: If you choose to take two (2) secondary canons you cannot take a primary canon as one of them would count the same as having taken a primary canon.

2) Now you have some sort of idea about what character you’ll be playing, it’s probably best to check out our Read Me! section of the site. Within you’ll find information on everything Forever After related - most specifically our site rules, a courtesy guide towards other members, information on the staff and what we all do, etc. This is a good chance to see whether or not you think you’re the sort of person who would fit well in our environment! If not then we’re sorry to hear that and we hope you find somewhere you fit in! No harm, no foul. But if you do then fantastic! Please keep reading on. Hold tight, we're now at the good bits!

3) Everything up to this point has been in preparation for this very moment. Now it’s time to actually create your character! To do that you’re going to need one of our Joining Applications! Within this thread you’ll find both a simple written application template and a more complicated and fancy layout application template. Either is fine for you to use! There really is no difference in content included, the choice simply a means of offering you more customisation and choice. At this point you might want to sign up to our forums, if you haven't already. Please sign up using your characters most popular/well known name (i.e.: "Rumpelstiltskin" would be the preferred choice, not "Mr. Gold" or "Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold"). Also, make sure your forum name starts with a capital letter too - you'd be surprised how many people don't do this! Now make sure to post your application in the WIP Applications sub-section with a thread title of your characters "surname, first-name" and as soon as its finished just post a little note in the Application Notification thread to inform staff as such! From there its a simple matter of waiting for the staff to check over your pending application!

Clause to the Application process 01: Either your application will be accepted and a message informing you of such will be posted in the application, directing you to your next steps (including posting your face-claim, setting up a plotter, etc.) , or it will be denied, at which point a member of staff will work with you to assist you in making any needed changes; no member will ever be left high-and-dry by our staff.

Clause to the Application process 02: You may want to check out some of our Accepted Applications to get an idea of what you should be working towards. Alternatively if your character is linked to an existing character, whether Canon or Original, you will first need permission from said character before that link is accepted; viewing their application will also help you to better match up your application with theirs.

Clause to the Application process 03: When filling out your application, especially if you are working on a Canon character, feel free to use the Once Upon A Time wikipedia site to help you write out a more detailed application. However, we ask that you DO NOT simply copy and paste it from the wiki to your application. Instead please use it as a basis and re-write it in your own words - after all, this is the character you will be playing and your application is your first impression to the site! Lets try to make it a good one.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen! If you’ve stuck around this long and completed all the steps in this guide then you should be a certified member of Forever After by this point, so let me just say welcome to the site! I hope this guide has been helpful and that you enjoy your stay in our community.
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