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 Site Plot, Darkness & Light
Milo Thatch
 Posted: Jul 24 2014, 12:09 PM
Milo Thatch
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The Taming of Darkness

Since time immemorial, good and evil have clashed in an endless dance. They have taken many forms, each personified by the heroes and villains destined to shape the realms with their will. However, no singular event has done as much to shape history more so than the “Taming of the Darkness” - a story lost to the pages of history long ago.

Aslan, the Great Lion and creator of Narnia, stood against an individual known Shaitan, in a battle that would plunge all the realms into darkness or raise them into the light. The battle was said to have raged on for a hundred years, neither able to extinguish the other, and with the battle threatening to drag on endlessly Aslan did the only thing that he could to end the conflict - in a moment of desperation the Great Lion tied Shaitan’s power to the Pillar of Amitabha, an ancient artefact of light. It was hoped the pureness of the Pillar would contain Shaitan’s evil, destroying evil forever and ending the conflict, and for some time it is believed that it actually worked… until, in his weakened state, Shaitan was murdered. Though killed Shaitan did not truly die. Aslan had made a grave mistake in tying him to a physical object, for the evil act of murder tainted the light within the Pillar of Amitabha allowed Shaitan’s evil essence to remain beyond the death of his physical body. Like a parasite the essence latched onto the murderer, infesting him with Shaitan’s evil want and desire - and so in secret the cycle continued, evil not only surviving but growing in the shadows.

But whoever held the Pillar held Shaitan’s power.

As time passed, centuries coming and going, the pillar moved from realm to realm as it changed hands, for in the hearts of all men and women resided darkness and a lust for power - Agrabagh, the Emerald City, Camelot, as well as many other places all holding records of once being a location the Pillar was held at one point. No prize held more reward than the Pillar of Amitabha and what came with it, and so in blood and death the pillar was fought for and won. Nations rising and falling in its wake. Over the years the pillar was whittled away to make its transport easier, it becoming smaller and smaller until barely any of it remained to contain the evil of Shaitan, and before long the once tall and proud Pillar of Amitabha, a symbol of light and hope, had become little more than a small dagger, tainted by darkness and death. In time even the name Shaitan was forgotten to history, like much before it, and the host of his evil was simply referred to in a more literal term; the Dark One.

The Age of Darkness

Eventually, the power passing from host-to-host, the dagger fell into the hands of Rumpelstiltskin. Rumpelstiltskin killed the Dark One’s host, a man by the name of Zoso, with the Dark One’s Dagger and claimed his dark power for his own; a dark deed done for the right reasons, and one that birthed countless horrors. Unbeknown to even Rumpelstiltskin, the threads of fate went even deeper as he was the son of not only Peter Pan but of also Queen Jadis, the White Witch of Narnia and Aslan’s mortal enemy. And once again the truest darkness of all the realms came to reside within one born to oppose Aslan.

But even then the eternal struggle continued. Regina, Cora, Jadis, Peter Pan, Zelena; one-by-one evil tried to overthrow the balance, and each time it was subdued and defeated. Not magic nor death nor time could claim victory over good, but it did not stop evil from trying. Evil had always existed. It did exist. The continuation of its existence was without question. Inevitably it would try again one day, perhaps one day soon, for little did anyone know that a chain of events had been set in motion that would have unforeseen consequences. Elsa of Arendelle had been set free from her prison, her intentions as well as her presence unknown by all… will she let it go and allow her frozen heart to melt or will her icy wrath consume the world into another ice age?

Not all tales are as old as time. It is up to you to write your own fairy tale, your own...

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(All credits for stories such as Once Upon a Time, The Chronicles of Narnia and other fairy tales as well as their characters are given to the wonderful creators such as Walt Disney, ABC. C.S. Lewis and many others! We unfortunately did not come up with all these amazing ideas and do not claim any credit for the ORIGINAL characters or stories; however each member has complete credit for their own writing.)
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